How to Create Online Vehicle Booking System

How to Create Online Vehicle Booking System?

An online vehicle booking system helps people to book vehicles via the Internet. There are various types of vehicle booking systems such as bus booking, car booking, ship booking, ferry booking, etc. However, creating an online booking system is time-consuming and costly. But today I will discuss the easiest & cheapest way of creating an online vehicle booking system.

Anyone can create an online booking system using a WordPress booking plugin. A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that can be installed on the WordPress website to add new features or functionality to a website.

There are various types of WordPress booking plugins available at the WordPress repository. By installing a vehicle booking WordPress plugin at your WordPress website you can easily create an online vehicle booking system in a few minutes.

However, you must be careful while choosing a plugin. There are many vehicle booking plugins but not all plugin comes with the features and functionality that you require. So, before selecting a plugin you must inspect its features, functionality, and combability.

Below are the two most popular vehicle booking plugins that you can choose.

Multipurpose Ticket Booking Manager

This is an in-one WordPress plugin for creating any type of booking system such as ferry booking, boat booking, ship booking, car booking, bus booking, train booking, etc.

This is the only plugin in the WordPress repository that can be used for creating an online booking system for any type of vehicle. The features of this plugin are listed below: –

 Support Online Payment System:

This plugin supports the online payment system via WooCommerce. This means your customer can buy or book vehicle tickets by making necessary payments online.

 Create Unlimited Vehicle Booking System:

By using this plugin you can create as many booking systems as you want. There is also no restriction of using these plugins on different websites.

 PDF Ticket Manager

If anyone books your vehicle seats or buys a ticket, they will receive PDF tickets in their email from the system automatically.

 Printed QR Code On PDF Tickets:

This plugin also comes with a QR-Code addon, if you use this addon with this plugin it will print a unique QR code on PDF tickets. By scanning that QR code you can easily check in travelers/passengers. You can also detect tickets that have already been used.

 Custom Registration Form:

By using a custom registration form you can collect necessary information of a traveler/passenger (name, phone, email, gender, etc.) while booking a vehicle ticket. This is a pro feature of this plugin; you need to buy pro-add-ons to unlock this feature.

View & Export All Register Passenger List:

From the backend of the software, you can easily view & export the list of people who have booked your vehicle seats or tickets.

Other Necessary Features of This Plugin

  • You can add unlimited dropping points & boarding points.
  • Ticket price and category management.
  • Shortcode-powered (Highly customizable)
  • Responsive design & SEO friendly.
  • Multiple templates.

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Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation

This is another WordPress vehicle booking plugin. You can use this plugin for creating a vehicle booking system such as a bus booking system on your website. By creating an online bus booking system, you allow your customers to book available bus seats online. Anyone can book their bus seats by making a successful payment. The features of this plugin are stated below:

  • You can integrate online payment getaways (support all popular payment getaways).
  • You can create a seating plan for any type of bus.
  • Bus ticket category & price management system.
  • Support creating an unlimited bus booking system on different websites.
  • Support adding unlimited bus departure points, boarding points, and bus zones.
  • Email notifications with pdf bus ticket emailing features.
  • Coupon code adding functionality for providing a discount on bus tickets.
  • Print QR code on pdf tickets—scan QR code to check-in passengers.

Other Necessary features

  • Manage all registered passengers/travelers from the backend (pending, approved, waitlist)
  • View and export the list of travelers who book your bus tickets.
  • Responsive design for any screen size.
  • SEO & developers are friendly.
  • 100% customizable & user-friendly.
  • 24/7 customer support.

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These two plugins are currently the best plugins for creating vehicle booking systems. Both the plugin is enriched with all necessary features and functionality for creating any type of vehicle booking system.

I suggest you try out the free version of these plugins if you like the free version you can buy the pro version of this plugin.