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Upgrade your travel booking system easily with our Bus Booking with Seat Reservation Pro plugin. With Seat Reservation Pro and WooCommerce, enjoy hassle-free payments, Customize unique routes, set dynamic prices, and personalize booking forms easily. Simplify your booking management now!

Best Bus Booking Plugin Key Features Highlight

Optimize bus reservation through our advanced plug-in solution

Exportable Passenger List

Manage and analyze passenger data with Bus Booking with Seat Reservation Pro. Export detailed information, collected through a user-friendly checkout form, into a convenient CSV format.

Personalized Passenger Forms

Collect essential personal details, including contact information and National Identification Number, during ticket purchase. Bus operators can verify this information easily at the designated departure location, ensuring a smooth and secure boarding process.

Efficient PDF Ticketing For Individual Passengers

The Pro version allows you to create PDF tickets easily, with passenger details verification by bus drivers. Create additional PDF templates with a user-friendly PDF templating system. Plus, enhance security and convenience with the QR code addon, enabling QR code printing on PDF tickets. Experience seamless ticketing for every passenger with our Single Ticket option.

Hassle-free Bus Ticket Booking Solution

10,000 happy customer world wide, Join yourself by purchasing Pro Version

Intermediate Route Inventory Support

Earn extra cash from win-win smart features! On long bus routes, if someone gets off, their seat opens up for the next person. That means bus owners can sell the same seat ticket multiple times on the same route, making more money. Boost your earnings and make your bus business even better with this cool feature.

Stress-Free Departures With Buffer Time

Guarantee timely departures stress-free! Our Buffer Time option lets bus operators pause ticket sales just before departure, preventing overbooking. Prioritize efficiency and avoid last-minute hassles with this crucial feature.

Annual, Monthly, and Exportable Sales Reports

Explore the enhanced Sales Reports feature in the Pro Version, allowing businesses to easily analyze monthly and yearly sales data. Export your insights with ease in CSV format for informed decision-making.

Upgraded Bus Plugin With Amazing Features

Best Bus Booking Plugin is easy to use and very user friendly.


Our Pricing Plan

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$149/ Per year
An economical plan to start your journey with a single website.
  • 1 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
$599/ Per year
Tailor-made with small agencies in mind.
  • 10 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
$499/ For lifetime
Save money with our lifetime plan, perfect for a single site with lifelong support.
  • 1 Domain License
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
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$1299/ For lifetime
Save big with our lifetime plan for up to 10 sites with lifelong support.
  • 10 Domain License
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
  • Lifetime Priority Support

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are Bus Ticket booking with Seat free and Pro entirely separate plugins?

No ! You will always need to have Free Bus ticket booking with Seat plan. Pro is an add-on which is installed as a separate plugin, but enhances the functionality of Bus ticket booking.

Will Pro stop working when my license expires?

No never, We will never stopped plugin functions but you will not get update version if you don’t renew.

Will I lose my previous settings when upgrading from Free to Pro?

No It will not delete or update any previous data that you have in free version, pro version is extra features that will be added to free version

Can I use this plugin on my client's website?

Yes, you can use it to your client site if you have any valid license.

How much does it cost to renew my license?

The price will remain the same each year. but we will add more feature and you will get those pro feature automatically to new version.
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