Bus Booking with Seat Reservation Pro

Bus Booking with Seat Reservation Pro Plugin

Simplify booking and seat reservations with our Bus Booking with Seat Reservation Pro plugin. It works with WooCommerce, so you can use all those fancy ways to pay without messing up your other things you’re selling. You get to benefit from making your own routes, changing prices flexibly, and even customizing forms for booking.


Key Features

Optimize bus reservation through our advanced plug-in solution

Passenger list with Export option

Bus Booking with Seat Reservation Pro provides an option for bus operations to view all passengers and their associated details, obtained from the custom form used during checkout. This information can be exported into a CSV format.

Individual Passenger Custom Form

The Pro version features a personalized form for each passenger, which requires the input of all necessary personal information – such as contact details and National Identification Number – in order to purchase a ticket. This information can be verified by the bus operator at the designated departure location prior to departure.

PDF Ticketing for each passenger with Single Ticket option

The Pro version includes an option for PDF ticketing with passenger details that can be verified by a bus driver. It offers a convenient PDF templating system, and additional templates can be created as needed. Moreover, it is equipped with a QR code addon, which enables the printing of QR codes on PDF tickets.

Intermediate Route Inventory Support

It has an Intermediate Routing Inventory support feature for long route, if someone dropoff any location that ticket will be available for the next stoppage buying, by this way bus owner can earn more money selling same seat ticket multiple time in same route.

Buffer Time option for ticket selling

It has a buffer time capability that bus operators can utilize to halt ticket sales before the bus’s departure time. it is important over booking and timely departure.

Sales Report with Yearly and Monthly Option with Export Feature

The Pro Version offers a Sales Reports feature which enables business owners to view their monthly and annual sales and export reports in CSV format.
Custom Emailing

Enhanced Email Features

The Pro version includes two different email functions. You can configure an email confirmation to be dispatched upon order completion, along with a PDF email following successful payment processing.

Passenger Edit Feature

Flexible Passenger Editing

You'll find convenient passenger information editing options available on both the backend and frontend. You have the flexibility to schedule passenger information edits directly from the frontend. Furthermore, administrators can also choose to disable attendee editing functionality as needed.

Passenger List Csv Export

Streamlined Data Export

Easily export passenger information for each trip in CSV format after filtering your desired passengers. Additionally, you can conveniently customize billing preferences along with passenger details.

Route Mapping

Route Mapping

You can easily add buses for various routes, complete with boarding and dropping points. Plus, our Intermediate route map is here to help, ensuring pricing is tailored to your customer’s boarding and destination points.

Advanced Report

We have an advanced reporting system with more enhanced options for detailed reporting. You can explore reports based on buses, trip dates, orders, overall sales, and more for each trip.

Your Language, Your Way

Speaking a different language? No problem at all! Our plugin comes to the rescue with a language-switching option. Embrace the language you're most comfortable in and let the good times roll!


Our Pricing Plan

We made our pricing plans suitable for you

$149/ Per year
An economical plan to start your journey with a single website.
  • 1 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
$599/ Per year
Tailor-made with small agencies in mind.
  • 10 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
$499/ For lifetime
Save money with our lifetime plan, perfect for a single site with lifelong support.
  • 1 Domain License
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
  • Lifetime Priority Support
$1299/ For lifetime
Save big with our lifetime plan for up to 10 sites with lifelong support.
  • 10 Domain License
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
  • Lifetime Priority Support

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are Bus Ticket booking with Seat free and Pro entirely separate plugins?

No ! You will always need to have Free Bus ticket booking with Seat plan. Pro is an add-on which is installed as a separate plugin, but enhances the functionality of Bus ticket booking.

Will Pro stop working when my license expires?

No never, We will never stopped plugin functions but you will not get update version if you don’t renew.

Will I lose my previous settings when upgrading from Free to Pro?

No It will not delete or update any previous data that you have in free version, pro version is extra features that will be added to free version

Can I use this plugin on my client's website?

Yes, you can use it to your client site if you have any valid license.

How much does it cost to renew my license?

The price will remain the same each year. but we will add more feature and you will get those pro feature automatically to new version.
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