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Manage your taxi business operations efficiently and affordably with the Ecab Taxi Booking Manager. It automates online booking, payment process, route optimization and data tracking; thus, transforming conventional approaches. You can further customize booking forms, display real-time availability and automate email notifications.

Key Features

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Google Map integration

The WordPress Taxi Cab Booking Plugin for WooCommerce has a Google Maps Integration option that allows users to view the route map of their boarding and dropping points, as well as the exact distance and approximate time of arrival between those two points. This integration with Google Maps also enables automatic fare calculation based on the API information obtained from the Google Map service. This plugin is a great asset for anyone in need of an efficient taxi booking system due to its accuracy and convenience.


Flexible Pricing Option

Offer flexible pricing options for your customers with our plugin. You can set rates per kilometer or per hour, or adjust them manually depending on pickup and drop-off locations. Establish a base price and include a waiting list feature on your website.

Search Result with Different category and Pricing

This Plugin offers a range of taxi categories with varied prices. Customers can choose to go for higher quality taxis, in which case they will pay a premium; or they can opt for lower quality services at more affordable prices. With this Plugin, customers have the freedom to select a taxi that fits within their budget.

Extra Service option available as Optional

We offer our customers the option of selecting extra services or products when booking a car or taxi. This includes items such as baby seats, bouquets of flowers and bodyguard services for an additional fee. It is up to the individual traveler to decide whether they want to take advantage of this optional service and can skip it if it is not required.

Customizable checkout field

The Checkout Field Editor feature allows administrators to add, edit, or delete any fields necessary for personal information collection prior to boarding a car or taxi cab such as for passport uploads or image uploads. Additionally, any type of file upload is possible with this feature, ensuring that all the data needed is collected and stored easily and securely before the ride takes place.

WooCommerce custom checkout Integrated

Our plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce’s custom checkout option, which is a powerful feature that enables merchants to create unique checkout experiences for their customers. This feature allows merchants to customize the look and feel of their checkout process, add payment methods or order notes, and offer discounts and special deals only at checkout – all without the need for coding. With this feature, merchants can increase conversions and drive customer satisfaction levels by providing an optimized and tailored shopping experience – ultimately leading to more sales.

PDF order confirmation invoice/ticket

Our booking and drop-off system includes an integrated PDF ticketing or invoice option powered by the Mpdf library. This feature automatically generates PDF tickets after each booking is completed and when customers arrive at their drop-off spot, providing them with a convenient and secure invoice that can be used for various accounting purposes. This integration makes it easy to keep track of payments, ensure accurate billing information, and streamline billing processes.
Custom Emailing

Custom Emailing

Get two types of email functions with our pro version: receive an order confirmation via email, and PDF receipt upon successful payment.

WooCommerce Integration

Our plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, providing you access to various payment gateways, efficient booking management systems, and a range of effective marketing tools.

Customize Checkout

Customize the appearance and functionality of your checkout page with Ecab Taxi Booking Manager. You can collect information about the rider and departure details effortlessly.

Route Mapping

Google MAPS Integration

The Pro version integrates with Google Maps. Let your customer request routes and estimated times directly from your website.

Passenger List Csv Export

Advance Report System

The Advanced Report feature boosts your basic WordPress reporting abilities. You can generate reports based on car and trip dates, orders, sales for each trip, and other aspects. Also, customize and filter reports to fit your needs.

Multilingual Support

With our plugin's language-switching prowess, you can effortlessly translate it into the language of your choice.


Our Pricing Plan

We made our pricing plans suitable for you

$29/ Per year
A low-cost affordable plan to get you started for a single website.
  • 1 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
$199/ Per year
This plan is designed for a small agency.
  • 10 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
$69/ For lifetime
Save money with this lifetime plan. It is designed for a single website with lifetime support.
  • 1 Domain License
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
  • Lifetime Priority Support
$299/ For lifetime
Save money with this lifetime plan. It is designed for a 10 website with lifetime support.
  • 10 Domain License
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
  • Lifetime Priority Support

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are Ecab Taxi Booking and Pro entirely separate plugins?

No ! You will always need to have Free Ecab Taxi Booking plugin installed. Pro is an add-on which is installed as a separate plugin, but enhances the functionality of Ecab Taxi Booking.

Will Pro stop working when my license expires?

No never, We will never stopped plugin functions but you will not get update version if you don’t renew.

Will I lose my previous settings when upgrading from Free to Pro?

No It will not delete or update any previous data that you have in free version, pro version is extra features that will be added to free version

Can I use this plugin on my client's website?

Yes, you can use it to your client site if you have any valid license.

How much does it cost to renew my license?

The price will remain the same each year. but we will add more feature and you will get those pro feature automatically to new version.
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