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WordPress Service Booking & Scheduling Plugin is the perfect all-in-one plugin for setting up booking services on your website. Whether you’re an individual or a business, our simple, user-friendly booking system will provide you with a secure and efficient way to handle reservations, Car Wash Booking, Car Rentals Booking, Medical and dental Service Appointment, Musical Class Appointment, Any kind of Repair Service Booking and Salon & Spa Appointment Booking or service booking, appointments and more.


Available Feature list

WpBookingly plugin has good feature list as option and these option gives user more freedom to use this plugin

Service Booking Manager is powerful for these kind of Booking Solution below

Service booking manager-Wpbookingly can be used for various purpose specially any kind of booking or appointment scheduling purpose, here is few example.


Salon & Spa Booking

Easily set up an appointment booking system for any Salon and Spa service with our WPBookingly plugin. Selling appointment scheduling has never been easier!


Car Wash Booking

It is the perfect time to set up an online appointment booking system for your car wash business if you are seeking to maximize your working hours. it is easy now to get online bookings


Car Rental Solution

Car rental business now much easier as people search car online and book to rent. with our plugin people can choose right car and booking for renting with specific date and time


Repair Service Appointment

If you are expert to repair any device and you have business for repair service then this is good time to setup a website and get online appointment of you repair service and this is most convenient way to get new customer.


Medical Service Appointment

Medical service now always rush in any hospital and demand is much more than available resource so online pre-booking is very much needed for medical service. our plugin will can setup appointment booking very easy.


Musical Class Appointment

With Our plugin bookingly now anyone can offer any tutorial class to student and take online appointment to each.. it is more easy with wordpress. all available class list can be added and get booking online for specific time


photographer Booking

It is now modern age, and everywhere people wants to capture photo to keep for memory future and if you are photographer then you can enable online booking with wpbookingly plugin it must enhace your business


Cleaning Service Booking

Cleaning service now very much needed to everywhere if you have cleaning business then you can accept online booking by adding our plugin to our website and it is very easy to configure and confirm service booking


Any kind of Consultation Booking

If you are expert in any area you can share your knowledge by taking online pre booking with time frame by this way you can earn money and save your time to give service more people. our wpbookingly plugin is best fit for it.

WpBookingly Feature Highlight

WpBookingly has a tremendously good feature that makes the plugin user-friendly and popular. here are a few features that customer like most.

Hassle-free Service Booking Experience

Most Easiest way to get any kind of Service Booking for your business with Choosing Category, subcategory and date time selection option. customer can easily understand available service you are offer with available time slot and date. 

Easy Category and Service Management

It is very easy to manage category hierarchy, Admin can add category and subcategory of a service. it is also possible to add category descriptions, and images.  service can be assigned to each category easily. It is very easy to understand user experience while adding service in backend.

Easy Available Date and Time Selection

The Service Booking Manager is a powerful tool that facilitates easy date and time selection for customers or clients so that they can book services according to their availability. Time and date management is automatic, with slots being shown as unavailable if they have already been filled. This makes it easy for customers to quickly select the time/date of their choice without having to manually check each slot’s status.

Hassle-free Service Booking Solution

10,000 happy customer world wide, Join yourself by purchasing Pro Version

Extra Service option as optional for crossell

Offering additional services as optional extras can be a great way to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. With this extra service option, customers are provided with the ability to access related services such as tire pressure checking, polishing, and coolant water cleaning. For example, if a customer comes in for a car wash service, they may have the opportunity to opt into any of the additional services that are offered. This provides customers with more flexibility and convenience which allows them to customize their experience based on their needs. Additionally, it gives businesses an opportunity to increase their profits by providing these extra services.

Service Availability Management

This plugin is included availability management feature. service can be booked per session and time slot wise. if any slot is fully booked that can be disable in time slot. and Admin can setup offday and Onday from backend.

Online Payments with WooCommerce

It is integrated with WooCommerce payment method and woocommerce is worldwide popular so it is easy to add any local payment method.

WooCommerce supports a plethora of payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, credit card processors, and more. This allows you to offer various payment options to your customers, catering to their preferences.

Our WordPress booking and appointment Plugin has additional features that customers love.

Booking site always need some additional feature beside frontend those features are mainly works in backend

Extra Service Offer

Gain additional revenue for each service by providing clients with the option to Extra Service

PDF Invoices

This plugin has PDF ticketing or Invoicing feature with booking details

Time Zone Settings

This plugin work with WordPress time zone settings so site owner can easily setup own time zone

Email Settings

Gain additional revenue for each service by providing clients with the option to Extra Service

Translation Settings

This plugin has PDF ticketing or Invoicing feature with booking details

Passenger List Csv Export

Export Data in CSV

This plugin has the feature to export the purchase data in CSV format.

Developer Friendly

Service Booking Manager is Developer Friendly, Developer can easily extends feature with Action Hook and Filter

One click update

Plugin Can be updated Regular Basic based on improvement and fixing if needed

Dedicated customer support

We have a good customer support team who are ready to help for fixing any kind of issues


Our Pricing Plan

We made our pricing plans suitable for you

$29/ Per year
A low-cost affordable plan to get you started for a single website.
  • 1 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
$199/ Per year
This plan is designed for a small agency.
  • 10 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
$69/ For lifetime
Save money with this lifetime plan. It is designed for a single website with lifetime support.
  • 1 Domain License
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
  • Lifetime Priority Support
$399/ For lifetime
Save money with this lifetime plan. It is designed for a 10 website with lifetime support.
  • 10 Domain License
  • Lifetime Plugin Update
  • Lifetime Priority Support

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are Service Booking Manager for WooCommerce Free and Pro entirely separate plugins?

No ! You will always need to have Service Booking Manager for WooCommerce. Pro version is a separate plugin, but enhances the functionality of Service Booking Manager for WooCommerce plugin.

Will addon plugin stop working when my license expires?

No never, We will never stopped plugin functions but you will not get update version if you don’t renew.

Will I lose my previous settings when upgrading from Free to Pro?

No It will not delete or update any previous data that you have in free version, pro version is extra features that will be added to free version

Can I use this plugin on my client's website?

Yes, you can use it to your client site if you have any valid license.

How much does it cost to renew my license?

The price will remain the same each year. but we will add more feature and you will get those pro feature automatically to new version.
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Service Manager Use Case

Super easy to manage lots of booking service online

Car Wash Booking Service

With our WordPress Service Booking Manager - 

  • Handle car washing efficiently and cost-effectively. 
  • Let your customers schedule their own car washes with ease. 
  • Automate operations - scheduling, billing, and staff management. 
  • Get important insights - estimated time of arrival, and individual staff ratings.

Here’s an example of options you can add - Car Wash Booking

car wash booking

Our Service Booking Manager let you to - 

  • Flexible option for both customers and car owners. 
  • Save money compared to traditional businesses. 
  • No requirement for staff. 
  • Offer customers a wide range of options. 

Here’s an example of options you can add - Car Rental Booking System

car rental

The Booking Manager plugin let you to - 

  • Scheduling medical and dental appointments quickly and securely for patients.
  • Enable clients to easily schedule appointments 24/7 using any device.
  • Offer automated appointment and payment reminders to clients.
  • Seamlessly integrates with medical software for improved management.

Here’s an example of options you can add - Car Rental Booking System

Medical service Booking

With our plugin, you can - 

  • Effectively schedule and manage client information. 
  • Get advanced features - on-the-go bookings with notification, auto reminders, and multiple payment options. 
  • Have an overview of available resources and track customer feedback. 

Here’s an example of options you can add - Musical Class Appointment Booking

The plugin allows you to - 

  • Deliver quality service on time and effectively. 
  • Let customers get the attention of trained technicians on pre-bookings. 
  • Ensure clear communication between technicians and customers. 

Here’s an example of options you can add - Repair Service Appointment

Appointments for hair cut and spa services are an important part of today's beauty care industry. When clients make an appointment, they can be confident that their stylist or service provider will be available to give them the individual attention they need and deserve. Appointments provide structure and organization, which helps ensure customer satisfaction since providers can dedicate adequate time to each client. Furthermore, scheduling appointments allows customers to plan in advance so that their needs can be met accordingly without having to wait in line at a salon or spa. Making an appointment is an important step for those who value personal grooming and maintenance; it is also a way of respecting both client’s and service provider’s time.

Example for Salon and Space Booking Appointment


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