Best Bus Management Software

Best Bus Management Software (Review & Guideline)

If you want to manage your bus online, you need a bus management software. Usually, this type of software is used to manage bus seat plans, tickets, routes, etc.

Moreover, this software can be used to display every detail of a bus such as- bus name, departure time, available bus seats, bus category, bus images, etc.

Perfect bus management software will also allow travelers to book bus seats online. Where the customer can make the payment, choose available bus seats and destinations.

There are very few software’s, that comes with complete features for bus management. Meet—– “Bus Booking with Seat Reservation” plugin.

This is a WordPress plugin for bus management, it can be used to create a complete bus booking & management system at any WordPress website.

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More About- Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation Plugin

Developing a custom bus management software is very expensive & lengthy process. So, instead of developing software, you can use this bus booking plugin to make your work done.

This is a great plugin for creating a bus booking system. It has all the necessary features for creating perfect online bus management and booking system.

  • Support online payment methods.
  • Support creating an unlimited bus booking system.
  • Shortcode powered- display bus booking system at any page of your website.
  • Bus ticket category and price management.
  • Support creating bus seat plan for different types of buses (double-decker, single-decker, etc.)
  • Support adding unlimited boarding point, and dropping point.
  • Return booking system.
  • Responsive design & highly customizable.
  • Passenger management from backend.
  • Export and view passenger details.
  • Generate bus tickets for travelers.
  • Email confirmation system.
  • Generates pdf bus tickets for travelers.

User Guidelines | Download & Installation

The free version of bus booking software (plugin) is available at the WordPress repository.  You can easily find the plugin by searching with its name.  However, you can also directly download and install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Follow the step below –

  • Login to your WordPress website dashboard.
  • From the navigation bar click on Plugins > Add New
  • At the search bar search for “Bus Booking with Seat Reservation”
  • Once you find the plugins click on Install Now > Activate

Note: This plugin is developed based on WooCommerce, so you must download, install and activate the WooCommerce plugin to make it work.

There are two different versions of this software—a free version and a paid version. The paid version has some enriched features and it is available at 79$ USD. Besides, it also has many paid addons which can be used to add new features to the bus booking system.


Business Benefit of Having an Online Bus Booking System

There are many business benefits of having an online bus booking system, some of them are listed below:

  • Your bus booking business will be available for reservation.
  • The online platform will engage more customers which will boost bus ticket sales.
  • Minimize employee cost!! Having an online booking system, you do not need an employee to manage the bus seats manually.
  • You will get paid before providing serving.
  • Stops fake booking – if anyone wants to book bus seats, they need to pay first.
  • Manage all information of the passenger from the software backend.
  • Allow travelers to book bus seats from anywhere via the Internet.


Trust me or not, this is the only bus booking plugin available at the WordPress repository. So, if you to create an online bus booking system at a low cost —this is your only choice.

Compared to the bus management software, this plugin has more functionality & features. So, without any hesitation, you can use this plugin for your bus booking business