Transport Booking System A Bus Booking software

Transport Booking System | A Bus Booking software

Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation”, is a WordPress bus booking plugin. This plugin helps to create online transport booking system at any WordPress website. This WordPress plugin is designed to automate online bus ticket purchasing through an easy to use online booking system.

Bus reservation system created with our plugin can easily manage a reservation, passenger information & list, and payment details. You can also manage routes, create multiple dropping point, boarding point, make seat plan and let your customer select available seats.

Moreover, bus booking system created with this plugin can also send an email notification, conformation message and PDF bus tickets to the customer. All the features of this transport booking system plugin are explained below:



Features of -Bus Ticket Booking With Seat Reservation Plugin


Bus Category: You can add different types of bus category to your booking system such as – AC Bus, Non AC Bus, School bus, Mini-coach, Shuttle Bus, Single-decker, etc.


Bus Boarding & Dropping Point: You can add unlimited bus boarding & dropping point. You can also integrate bus boarding point with google map. Your customer can easily find boarding point location by navigating google map.


Ticket Pricing: You can easily manage the price of bus tickets in different ways. Such as price can be managed according to the bus category or the different price can be added for different boarding point.


Payment Method: you can integrate different types of payment method to your booking systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay,, Ali Pay and many more.


Bus PDF Tickets: After a successful reservation of bus tickets your customer will receive PDF bus a ticket at their email. The PDF bus tickets will be automatically sent from the system. The pdf tickets will have information like bus seat number, payment details, customer name, email, boarding point, dropping point, etc.


Bus Seat Arrangement: you can easily create a seat arrangement for any types of buses (double-decker, single-decker, chair coach, school bus, shuttle bus, etc.). You can also easily customize bus seats with a unique number, so that customer can easily identify their seats.


Bus Zone: Support adding different types of bus zone to the booking system such as- south zone, waste zone, north zone. You can add specific buses to a specific zone.


Shortcode Powered: This plugin is shortcode powered that means you can easily display your bus booking system at any page of your website or customize the features of the plugin partially.


Customization: The plugin is developer-friendly and highly customizable. Code of the plugin is written in PHP, anyone with PHP coding knowledge can easily customize the plugin.


Template: Comes with multiple templates, you can easily overwrite template using template overwrite features. This helps to look at the booking system in your preferred way.


Responsive: the plugin is responsive which means it can adapt any screen size of any device or browsers such as – mobile device, tab, chrome browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.


The Benefit of Online Transport Booking System

  • The online bus booking system works 24/7. This gives freedom to the potential customer to book bus tickets anytime they want. Having an online booking system, your business is not limited to working hours.
  • Get paid by your customer via an online platform. You will get paid before providing any types of service, so you don’t need to worry about payments if they can or can’t arrive at your place.
  • The online transport booking system can easily cut overhead employee cost or it can reduce the workload of your employee. The employee doesn’t needs to pick phone calls to make a reservation for any customer.
  • With built-in booking analytics tools, you can easily view your business insights such as – selling report, passenger details etc. Thus you will have all the necessary information for a better understanding of your business. This information will help you to focus on certain business areas that need to upgrade.

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How to create an Online Bus Booking System

You can easily create an online bus booking system by installing- “Bus Ticket Booking With Seat Reservations” plugin. The video below shows details:


Wrapping Up

You can easily build a complete bus booking system using “Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation” plugin. It takes only a few minutes to build a bus booking system, using this plugin. It is the cheapest way to build a transport booking system. The free version of the plugin is available at the WordPress repository.