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Offering barcode or QR code integration on tickets is a straightforward yet powerful solution for validating attendee tickets. The WooCommerce QR Code Addon for tickets provides a simple and smooth integration with your WordPress website. Once a ticket is scanned, it becomes invalid for future use, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring each ticket is used only once per event. This add-on perfectly integrates with the Event management  Plugin, enhancing security measures and simplifying the ticket validation process for both event organizers and attendees.

QR Code Addon Key Features Highlight

Explore feature of backend order that can be used for different purpose 

QR code will be added on TIcket

If someone enable QR code from settings it will generate QR code and will be added to ticketing system. this QR code will be need to scan. and this can be generated with 2 different way ticket pin number or admin given value 

Check in Can be Done if ticket Valid

Once the QR code is scanned by the checker by mobile app then it will redirect to the page where attendee details will be open. a checker can understand the ticket validity. if ticket is valid then check can allow attendee to go inside and mark ticket as check-in then next time that ticket can not use for checkin

Checker user role can be setup

QR code addon has QR code settings where the Admin can assign people to checker by assigning use role.  only those user role people can check-in that ticket. 

Additional features that customers love.

Event QR code addon is easy to use and user-friendly.

WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon 14

Easy QR Scanning

Scan QR code easily from pdf ticket using QRL apps

WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon 15

Instant Ticket Validation

It is easiest way to validate any ticket with qrl apps with live data.

WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon 16

Record Keeping

All checkin records will be saved to the database for future use, so duplicate use is impossible.

WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon 17

Safety Measures

The COVID-19 protocol allows the storage of checkout histories for government compliance reasons, prioritizing attendee safety.

WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon 18

Advanced Attendee Filtering

QR integration simplifies attendee filtering, aiding organizers in tracking participation and analyzing demographics effortlessly.

WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon 19

QR code on PDF ticket

Nice qr code printing possible on pdf ticket with settings option.


Our Pricing Plan

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$40/ Per year
A low-cost affordable plan to get you started for a single website.
  • 1 Domain License
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are Events Manager and WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon entirely separate plugins?

No! You will always need to have Free WooCommerce Event Manager installed.WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon which is installed as a separate plugin, but enhances the functionality of Events Manager.

Will addon stop working when my license expires?

No never, We will never stopped plugin functions but you will not get update version if you don’t renew.

Will it work with Free Version

No It will not delete or update any previous data that you have in free version, pro version is extra features that will be added to free version

Can I use this plugin on my client's website?

Yes you can use it to your client site if you have any valid license.

How much does it cost to renew my license?

The price will remain the same each year. but we will add more feature and you will get those pro feature automatically to new version.
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