WordPress vs Joomla In-depth CMS Comparisons

WordPress vs Joomla: In-depth CMS Comparisons

Content Management System (CMS) is a software application used for creating, managing, and modification of web content.

People love building their websites using a content management system because even no-technical person (without coding knowledge) can build a functional website & modify the content themselves.

There are many content management systems, but the two most popular CMS are –WordPress and Joomla. Both WordPress and Joomla are renowned for their ease of use and extensive customization nature.

People always ask – which CMS should they choose for their website? Well, to help you out, we are going to compare WordPress vs. Joomla to understand its benefits, functionality, pros, and cons. I hope this comparison will help you to choose the best CMS.

WordPress VS Joomla: Market Share

WordPress VS Joomla market share statistics

According to W3Techs, currently, 35% of all live websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, and Joomla powers, 2.6 % of the live websites. WordPress currently holds a 62% CMS market share, and Joomla holds 4.6%.

From this statistic, we come to know that WordPress is currently dominating the CMS market share. No other CMS is even close to it. WordPress market share isn’t stuck at 35%, it’s growing at an increasing rate over the years.

At the beginning of 2017, WordPress powers about 27.3 % of all websites. By the end of 2019, its market share was over 35%. This slow that WordPress market share is growing at a rate of 28.94%.

Joomla is the second most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. Its powers 3.2% of all websites, which is 2.5 million websites use the Joomla platform.

You will be surprised to know that among 100000 most visited websites, more than 1000 of the website are powered by Joomla.

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WordPress VS Joomla:  The Similarities 

Category WordPress Joomla
Software Open Source (Highly customizable). Open Source (Highly customizable)
CMS Market 62% (as of March 2020). 5.7% (as of March 2020)
Installation One-click server site installation (manual installation takes about 5 minutes). One-click server site installation (manual installation takes about 10 minutes).
Ease of Use Beginner-friendly (10/10). Beginner-friendly (8/10).
Community Support Large community. Partially large.
Plugins & Extension 50,000+ free open source plugin. 7500+ extension (paid and free).
Theme 5000+ official free theme & 10000+ paid theme at the online marketplace. 1000+ premium theme at the online marketplace.
Use of programming language Based on PHP & MySQL. Based on PHP & MySQL.
Downloads 150 million+ 50 million+
Scalability Great for small and medium websites. Great for an enterprise-level websites.
SEO Strong SEO capabilities. Somewhat SEO friendly.

WordPress VS Joomla: SEO and Security

SEO vs security wordpress vs joomla

WordPress and Joomla platforms are created, maintaining specific security standards. Bot of this platform can be secure if you handle the security issue carefully.

According to a recent report, WordPress subjected to 74% of all hacked websites, which is about 23% more than its market share.

According to the website hacked report, Joomla is accounted for 17 % of all hacked website, that is over 130% higher than its market share.

WordPress Platforms was created as a blogging platform to maintain all SEO standards. However, the real SEO powers of WordPress comes from its plugins.

There are many awesome SEO plugins for WordPress. Using those plugins can easily maintain advanced SEO factors of your website.

However, Joomla comes with some basic SEO functionality. of The SEO function of the Joomla website can be extended by an experienced Joomla developer.  If the structure of your Joomla website pages is set-up correctly, it could rank in SERPs easily.

Pros & Cons of WordPress

Pros Cons
WordPress is free You are responsible for your website security and backups
Easy to customize No, build in drag & drop website builder
Complete control of a website  
Super easy to extend website functionality using plugins  

Pro & Cons of Joomla

Pros Cons
Joomla is free -open source platform Hard to customize without developer experience
Easy to install -take few minutes to install It has compatibility problems
Easy to handle large websites Limited marketplace f.r addons or themes

Wrapping it Up

In many ways, WordPress is more flexible than Joomla. I think WordPress should be your default choice in most cases, especially if you don’t have development knowledge.

It’s straightforward to make a website live using WordPress without any development cost.

However, if you are a developer, Joomla can also give you more flexibility for displaying varieties of content and managing a bunch of users.

I hope you like this comparison of WordPress vs Joomla. So, which CMS platform you think is the best?