WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin- Best in Event Management.

WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin- Best in Event Management

Have you ever faced a problem in managing events in WordPress? Then you need WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin that will solve your issues in less hassle. This is known as the best and simple plugin that works with WordPress as the best event manager. You can find it in the WordPress directory without any extra effort. Moreover, you will be amazed to know the features too about this plugin, it will make your day with its amazing functionalities.

It is specialized to create any kinds of events with it and you can manage them well. It also uses WooCommerce to receive payments and it is a complete freedom to use renowned gateway via WooCommerce. You will be able to find this plugin easily in the WordPress directory and will act as your event manager after installation.

What are the best features:

Basically, there are two types of features, firstly the free version and then the Pro Version. We will discuss in detail both types of features.

Free version Plugin Features:

There are so many exciting features enabled in the free version that you will love to use it on your website. The features are truly amazing. Firstly, you will be able to use it in any type of browsers, where you can browse uninterruptedly. This plugin supports all types of payment methods available in WooCommerce that will make your business move. You can use the payment methods that will minimize your hassle here.


You will get multilingual support in this plugin, so the task is much easier. You will understand the features due to easy translation support. Moreover, the plugin is both SEO friendly and responsive, which means you can browse it on mobile too. You will be able to customize events and show those events in any type of web page.


This plugin is specially made for events name and the description. You can easily manage them to create and edit your events. Then you will be able to customize them according to your needs. There are also Quantity, Prices, Ticket type, Category and Organizer features in this plugin. You can also run the Quantity and Price management matter too with this one.


Can you imagine this one integrates with Google Map! You can see your event venue in google map, that will help you to reach their site easily and maintain a time schedule too. Additionally, you will be able to add start date, end date, and multiple dates in the manager so easily that will make your task easier and more effective. You also can make one click Event Rest option too.


There are so many features from WooCommerce order, where you will be able to see the registered attendee who has placed an order and the status too. You will find multiple event templates where you can choose from them. The additional features are, you can get WooCommerce support, can sell products and can manage events separately. No way, your events will mix up with WooCommerce products.

You are able to use these free features from this plugin without any extra hassle. It will make your business more organized and better managed.

Pro Version Plugin Features:

There are some exciting paid version features and addons that you can enjoy from this plugin. You can purchase this plugin to get the exciting features. Firstly, you will be able to download PDF tickets, you can custom registration forms for the attendees. Then you will get auto email confirmation messages and PDF tickets for mailing features. Additionally, you will be able to get the Attendee list for CSV format too.

Why will you buy the paid version? The issue is here you are getting few listed features that are not available on the free version of the plugin. These are very useful features and will speed up your business. So, you can go for the premium version with your wise decision.


There are some excellent and exciting add-ons available with this plugin that you will need for your business effectively. There are QR Code, Backend Order, Coupon Code, Event Calendar, User Registration form, Waitlist addon and some other related event addon that will make your business on wheel.

Why will you use this plugin?

First you have to consider, why would you install a plugin? Definitely for some task like event management. Then this plugin is a perfect fit for your website. You are able to manage your business with this plugin so easily and can keep pace with others. The plugin is filled with excellent features that will make your business running at full pace. You can reach the top with the WooCommerce features too.


In general you can go for the free plugin option. These are generally sufficient for common business operations and stay in pace. But for extreme and advanced business requirements, you can take the paid version here. If you want to compare this plugin with others, then you will find it more convenient for websites. So, here you can use it and also can suggest others to enjoy the experience.

How will it help your business?

When you need a WooCommerce solution, you need a good plugin. Here WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin is the best solution that you can avail free. If you need a paid version of the plugin, then you can buy it for better and updated functions. As we have already discussed all the features, you can see the above discussion and can get better knowledge about it. Not only the features, but also the client feedback may help you.

We also need to know about the client feedback issues too. As the clients gave feedback, they are very responsive. They update the plugin according to any kind of complaint or issues. Also, the plugin is super responsive. You can use it without any hassle.

Final Summary

This WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin is a perfect fit plugin for your website. You can avail it anytime and can enjoy the features. We have made all the information and tips available for you here as you can gain. It is just one click away from you to use and enjoy it. We hope that your experience will be super easy with our plugin.

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