Best Tour and Travel WordPress Plugin

The Best Tour Booking Software For Your Business

There are many tour booking software available at different online marketplaces. But not all tour booking software comes with the functionality that you needs to operate your tour boking business.

Therefore most of the large companies preferred to develop their own custom tour booking system matching their requirements.

But there are problems developing custom software, it takes a huge amount of financial support. Most of the large tour business companies can meet the costing of developing new custom software, but small or medium-size companies don’t even think of developing custom software.

So, what type of tour booking software should you use? Don’t worry!! I suggest you, use a software/plugin that has all necessary features, function, easy to use and comparatively cheaper.

Keeping everything in mind we developed a WordPress tour booking plugin named —“WooCommerce Tour Booking Manager”. By installing this plugin you can easily create a tour booking system at your WordPress website in minutes. This plugin has all the necessary features and functionality.

Features and functionality –WooCommerce Tour Booking Manager

  • Support creating unlimited tour packages.
  • Multivendor support.
  • Add hotel and hotel types (5 star, 3 star, 2 star, etc.)
  • Tour package price management system.
  • Support all payment method via WooCommerce.
  • Add tour location using google map.
  • Display unlimited tour featured images.
  • Add tour start date and end.
  • Tour ticket quantity management.
  • Support adding tour inclusion, exclusion and tour FAQ.
  • Add terms and condition of the tour.
  • Comes with multiple templates.
  • Developers friendly (highly customizable)
  • Tour ticket management system: the ticket price, ticket quantity, ticket category etc.
  • Support adding hotel room quantity, room capacity, room fare, room type, etc.
  • Support adding tour day-wise details.

However, this tour booking software (plugin) is available at two different versions 1. Free and 2. Paid. The paid version of the plugin has more advanced functionality. The advanced features are:

  • Custom registration form builder: this custom registration form builder is used to collect traveller’s information such as name, age, gender, email, phone number, etc. travellers need to provide necessary information before booking or purchasing a tour package.
  • An email notification with PDF tickets: anyone who books or purchase tour tickets, will receive a confirmation message with pdf tour tickets on their email. The pdf ticket will have necessary information like the order number, necessary booking details etc.

Available Addons for WooCommerce Tour Booking Manager 

If you are still not satisfied with the functionality of this plugin, you can use add-ons for extending the functionality of this plugin. There are many add-ons available for this plugin such as QR-Code add-on, duplicator, coupon code, related tour etc.

  • QR-Code: this add-on will print QR code on pdf tour tickets. The unique QR-Code can be scanned using a smartphone to check-in travellers.
  • Coupon code: use this add-on to provide a discount price on tour tickets/packages. Travellers can use unique coupon code to buy or book tour packages at a discount or offer price.
  • Duplicator: helps to duplicate tour packages/booking system for reuse. Instead of creating a new tour package, you can duplicate it and edit the information for reusing it.
  • Backend order: allows system admin or book a tour package from the backend of the software.

Wrapping Up

However, I think this is the only tour booking software (plugin) that has all the necessary features. This plugin is suitable for small, medium and large tour operating companies. Instead of developing a new tour booking software, I think anyone can use this plugin for creating an online tour booking system at their WordPress website.

The traveller no more needs to travel physically to book tour tickets, instead they a book tour tickets from anywhere in the world via the internet. Using an online booking system for your business, you can easily boost your business profits by selling more tour packages.