Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon

Organizing an event can be a challenging task, as it can involve managing tickets, check-ins, and attendee management.


We are bringing you a complete event management solution with QR code technology that streamlines these processes securely and efficiently.


In this guide, we’ll discover how the WpEvently QR code addon enhances your events.


Learn to leverage QR codes for smooth check-ins, tailor user roles, maintain clear records, and gain valuable attendee insights.


Make PDF tickets more professional by adding QR codes. Ready to develop your events? Let’s dive in!

QR Code Technology
Traditional Methods
Cost and Time Savings
Send QR codes via email, reducing printing and mailing costs. Speeds up check-in.
Print and mail physical tickets, incurring higher costs and time delays.
Reduces Waste
Eliminates the need for physical tickets, saving resources, and reducing waste.
Printing and mailing physical tickets contribute to paper waste and carbon footprint.
Fraud Prevention
Unique and encrypted QR codes prevent fraud and duplication, ensuring ticket validity.
Traditional tickets are prone to duplication, leading to potential fraud.
Convenience for Attendees
Attendees purchase tickets online, receive QR codes and enjoy quick, hassle-free entry.
Purchase and carry physical tickets, and wait in long queues for entry.
Enhanced Data and Insights
QR codes gather attendee info for demographics, preferences, and feedback for improvement
Traditional methods provide limited data, making it challenging to tailor strategies.

Let's Uncover What WpEvently's QR Code Addon Offer

Wish to smoothly organize and sell event tickets on your WooCommerce store? WpEvently, has got you covered!


It offers features like calendars, listings, registrations, and ticket sales. The QR code addon adds an extra flair, seamlessly integrating QR codes with your WooCommerce setup.

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 9

Exploring the Backend Order Features

WpEvently’s QR code addon comes with some cool features for managing your orders effortlessly.


From your dashboard, you get a sneak peek into your QR codes’ world – see the image, value, status, and history for each order.


Need to tweak something? No worries! Edit, regenerate, or download the QR codes right from here. It’s like having a backstage pass to your event!

Generating QR Codes for Tickets with WooCommerce

WpEvently’s QR code addon also lets you generate QR codes for your tickets with a breeze – whether you want it done automatically or with a personal touch.

First of all, download, install, and activate the WooCommerce QR code addon from here.

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 10

After activating it, click on “events” and go to “QR Code Settings.” Enable QR codes, and select the user roles.

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 11

Navigate to the “Events Attendees” option and click on “Download Ticket” to generate QR codes with tickets.

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 12

With WpEvently’s QR code addon, you have two options to generate QR codes:

Ticket PIN

Automatically cook up a unique QR code based on the ticket and order ID. Each code is a secret recipe to ward off fraud and duplication. It’s like a digital cloak-and-dagger affair that only your app can decode.

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 13

Admin-Provided Value

Add a personal touch to tickets with custom QR codes—use names, numbers, or special codes. Attendees can view and edit their QR codes easily with any QR code reader.


Customize your QR code preferences in the plugin settings. Have the flexibility to enable or disable QR codes for your entire store or specific products and categories. It’s all in your control!

Simplifying Event Check-in

WpEvently’s QR code addon makes event check-in easy! Use your smartphone or any device with a QR code reader app. Scan the QR codes on tickets for instant validation and feedback.

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 14

Effortless QR Code Scanning Process

No rocket science here – scanning your QR code is as easy as 1-2-3! Grab your QR code reader app, aim it at the ticket’s QR code, and voila!


In a few seconds, the app does its magic, revealing the QR code value, ticket details, and check-in status right on your screen. Effortless and quick – just the way we like it!

Ensuring Ticket Validity and Preventing Duplicate Check-ins

When you scan a QR code, it guarantees each ticket is real and not a copycat. The app works by checking the QR code against its database, making sure the ticket is legit and paid for.

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 15

Plus, it’s a bouncer against party crashers – no sneaking in twice with the same ticket! A green message pops up for a good-to-go ticket and a red one for a no-no ticket. Simple as that!

Tailoring Checker User Roles

Our QR code addon lets you customize and control user roles for QR code checks. Limit check-in access to roles like admin, editor, and author, or create custom roles like event manager.


Assign permissions, set capabilities, and define responsibilities for efficient event management—it’s your backstage pass!

Assigning User Roles for Checkers

With the QR code addon, you can decide who can be the ticket checkers. Just head to the “Events” menu, then click “Events Settings”, and click “QR Code Settings.”

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 16

Scroll down to the Role section, and choose their role – could be an admin, editor, author, or even a custom role like event manager.

Restricting Check-in Access to Designated User Roles

With the QR code addon, you control who scans and verifies QR codes. Go to Events Menu > Events Settings, click ‘QR Code Settings,’ and toggle check-in access restrictions.


If on, choose specific user roles for scanning. Decide if checkers can do this without logging in. It’s like having your event bouncer, decide who gets through the velvet ropes!

User-Friendly Experience

Our QR code addon is all about making things super simple and friendly for your attendees. No more paper tickets or long queues – buy tickets online and use phones to access your events.

Seamless QR Code Scanning with Free QR Code Reader Apps

Our QR code addon lets attendees use any free QR code reader app like QR Code Reader or QR Scanner.


They open the app, point the camera at the QR code on their ticket, and boom! Instant feedback on their screen with the QR code value, ticket details, and check-in status.

Live Data Validation for Quick Ticket Approval

The QR code scan process offers live validation and quick ticket approval. The app shows all ticket details—name, type, price, quantity, order ID, date, and customer info.


Just tap ‘approve’ or ‘reject,’ and the app updates the check-in status and history, displaying a confirmation or rejection message.

Enhancing Attendee Experience with Effortless Check

Forget waiting! Our QR code scanning makes check-in a breeze, reducing wait times and hassle.


Attendees skip long queues and paper tickets, using their smartphones for smooth, secure access. It’s all about a positive impression and hassle-free event entry!

Maintaining clear records

Our QR code addon is here to help you stay organized. It keeps a clear record of everyone who checks in and checks out. You can easily manage this history right from your dashboard.


Need the data for reference or analysis? No problem! You can export or download it anytime. It’s like having your event’s attendance history at your fingertips!

Database Storage of Check-in Records

WpEvently’s QR code addon keeps everything tidy in your database. It stores and updates all the check-in and checkout records for your tickets and attendees.


You can easily check these records on your dashboard, seeing details like QR code values, ticket info, check-in status, and dates.

Eliminating Duplicate Usage and Ensuring Data Integrity

Worried about double-dipping? Don’t be! Our addon ensures data integrity by blocking multiple check-in or check-out buttons for the same ticket.

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 17

If a ticket has been scanned, it’ll give a heads-up. It also updates the ticket’s history and gives you a clear message.

Checkout History Records for Government Compliance During COVID-19

In these pandemic times, the addon helps you comply with government regulations.


You can track attendee attendance and duration, enable/disable the checkout feature, and record when attendees leave your events.


Need to show records? Easy – view and export them from your dashboard for authorities.

Attendee Insights and Filtering

WpEvently’s WooCommerce QR code addon isn’t just about scanning – it’s a goldmine for understanding your attendees better. Here’s how it makes your life easier:

Utilizing QR Codes for Attendee Filtering

Use QR codes to segment and filter attendees effortlessly. Assign different QR codes for VIPs, regulars, staff, and more. Create custom QR codes with names, numbers, or codes for personalized filtering.

Efficient Management of Attendee Lists for Future Events

The addon makes managing attendee lists a breeze. Export ticket and attendee data from your dashboard, upload it to WooCommerce for future events and even use it for engaging emails, newsletters, and surveys.

Optimizing Event Planning with Data-Driven Insights

Dive into the numbers! Analyse ticket sales, revenue, attendance, and more to fine-tune your event planning. Utilize tools like Google Analytics and Data Studio for visualizing and reporting your insights. It’s like having a crystal ball for your events!

QR Code Integration on PDF Tickets

With WpEvenly’s WooCommerce QR Code Addon, you have the power to customize where the QR code goes—top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right.


Adjust the size and margin, and decide if you want the QR code value and label. Here’s what you get:

Maximizing Event Success with WooCommerce QR Code Addon 18

Customizable QR Code Placement on PDF Tickets

With this add-on, you can pick where the QR code sits on your PDF ticket. You’ll even get a preview to make sure it’s just right.

Professional Look for Event Tickets with QR Code Printing

Create sleek, professional-looking event tickets by printing PDF tickets with QR codes. Share them with attendees via email for printing at home or print and hand them out. The QR codes on the tickets are ready to be scanned and verified

Elevating the Ticketing Experience with Visual Appeal

Take your ticketing game up a notch by adding a banner, logo, and background image to your PDF tickets. Visit “Events”, then click on the Event’s Settings tab, upload your visual elements, and see a preview of your stylish PDF ticket.


Amazed by the features and the efficiency of the WooCommerce Event QR Code Addon? Do you want to apply the same to your website?


Now you know how to supercharge your events using the WooCommerce QR code plugin. It’s a user-friendly tool to manage events seamlessly and integrate QR codes with your store.

With the plugin, you’re not just streamlining event management. You’re also offering your customers flexibility in shopping. It boosts sales and provides an easy payment experience.

Ready to level up your events? Download the QR Code Addon for Event Manager – WpEvently and kickstart your QR code journey today.