How to Create Online Cinema Ticket Booking System

How to Create Online Cinema Ticket Booking System?

You can easily boost the ticket sale of the movie show or theatre show by creating an online cinema ticket booking system. People no more need to visit the cinema hall to book a movie ticket. Instead, they will visit your website & buy movie tickets online. 

The best affordable way of creating an online movie ticketing system is by using a WordPress plugin named—WooCommerce Event Manager

Using this plugin, you can easily create a cinema ticket booking system on any WordPress website. Users can process an online payment, manager reservation, send pdf movie ticket via email, and many more. 

WooCommerce Event Booking Manager is a perfect plugin for not only creating move ticketing but also for creating any types of booking or reservation system. All the key features of the cinema ticket booking system are listed below: 

Cinema Ticket Booking System: Key Features 

Sell Tickets via Online: This plugin supports online payment via WooCommerce. Support almost all popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon pay, Credit Card, etc. Allow the customer to buy cinema tickets by making the necessary payments. 

Ticket & Price Management: you can add different ticket categories such as a general ticket or premium ticket and add different ticket prices for each ticket category. 

Ticket Emailing: if someone book a ticket successfully, they will receive a pdf ticket on their email. The email will automatically send from the system. 

Responsive Design: This booking plugin has responsive front-end design (works all for any screen size, browsers, etc.)

Developer Friendly: This plugin is open source and highly customizable. Anyone with php coding knowledge can easily customize this plugin the way they want. 

View and Management Register Attendee: from the software dashboard, you can easily view all the registered attendee & payment details.

Google Map Synchronization: you can add the location of your cinema hall using google map. People can access the google map to find the exact location of the cinema hall. 

Support Creating Unlimited Booking System: using this plugin, you can create as many as booking systems as you want. It will allow you to create a separate booking system if the cinema hall is running more than one movie. 

Addons Features 

This plugin also comes with lots of paid add-ons that can be used to extend the functionality of the cinema booking system. The addons functionality are explained below:


QR-Code: by using QR-code addon, the system will print unique QR code on PDF movie tickets. You can scan the QR code to check-in attendee or verify between real or fake tickets.

Recurring Events:  recurring events addon will allow you to sell movie tickets on multiple dates. So, there is no need to create a separate booking system for different dates. 

Coupon-Code: If you want to provide a discount offer on movie tickets, you can use coupon code addon. At the backend of the plugin, you can activate coupon code and discount price. People can use the coupon code to buy the ticket at a discount price. 

Related Events: By using this addon, you can also show all movies that are available for booking next to each other on the same web page. 

Backend Order: this addon will allow you to book movie tickets from backed of the software. If anyone wants to book movie tickets by going to the cinema all, the system admin can book their tickets from the plugin dashboard. 

However, there are many other useful add-ons that you can also use if necessary. Visit the addon page to buy all the available addons. The picture below shows a booking system created with WooCommerce Event Manager. 

Advantage of Online Cinema Tickets Booking System 

There are many business advantages of online cinema ticket booking system; some of the advantages are listed below: 

  • Your cinema business will always be available for reservation.
  • Get paid faster and before providing the service. 
  • Minimize overhead employee costs. No need to appoint a bunch of employees to manage and sell movie tickets.  
  • Get data insight from the build-in analytics, help to make critical business decisions. 

Wrapping Up 

Not only the cinema ticket booking system, using this plugin, but you can also almost create any booking system that you want (seminar booking system, music event booking system, course booking system, pet doctor booking system in a pet website, etc.). It is one of the most popular booking plugins with advanced features and functionality. The free version for this plugin is available at the WordPress repository

We all know that developing a cinema booking software is very costly and time-consuming, but creating an online cinema booking system using the “WooCommerce Event Manager” plugin is cheap. It takes just a few minutes to create an online booking system.