Best Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin WooCommerce Hotel Booking Manager

Best Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin | WooCommerce Hotel Booking Manager

One of the best solutions for a hotel business is to automate bookings. Of course, you may be thinking about the technical challenges for developing an automated booking system. The truth is, there are some pre-made WordPress plugins that can make your work easy.

You don’t need to write a single line of code to create a booking system, instead, you need to install a WordPress hotel booking plugins to create an automated booking system.


WooCommerce Hotel Booking Manager– is currently one of the best hotel booking/reservation WordPress plugins. By installing this plugin at your WordPress website, you can easily create an online hotel booking system in a few minutes. However, the multivendor functionality of this plugin helps to make it stand out among other similar types of the plugins.


Features and Function of WooCommerce Hotel Booking Manager

  • Support adding unlimited hotels to the booking system.
  • Online payment method integration via WooCommerce.
  • Add different types of hotel category such as 2 stars 3 stars 5 stars etc.
  • The functionality of adding individual hotel features such- swimming pool, bar, smoking zone, spa etc.
  • The functionality of hotel room management such as- room quantity, room types, capacity etc.
  • Price management system -add hotel room price range, global price, seasonal price, date wise price etc.
  • Email notification.
  • View & export all the registered attendee from the backend.
  • View all the selling and booking reports from the backend.
  • Custom registration form for collecting attendee information.
  • Multilingual- support translating plugin to a different language.
  • Automatic PDF reservation ticket emailing system.
  • Add hotel location using google map.
  • Responsive design and easy to customize.
  • Comes with multiple templates.
  • Shortcode powered.

However, besides the above functionality, this plugin also comes with many more addons. Using those addons you can easily add new features or functionality to your WordPress website. Below are the lists of some addons-

  • Coupon code addon: customer can use coupon code to book hotel rooms at a discount price.
  • QR-code addon: print QR code on reservation pdf tickets, scan QR code to check-in attendee.
  • Backend order: make hotel reservation from the dashboard of the software.

Beside this addons, many more upcoming addons are up-coming soon. The picture below shows the hotel booking system created with -WooCommerce Hotel Booking Manager.


wordpress hotel booking plugin

Multivendor Functionality 

This plugin has multivendor functionality, which means other hotel owners can use your booking platform to enlist their hotel details. First of all the vendor needs to register themselves, once they are registered they can log in to the system using -a username and password.  Once the vendor is logged in they can easily add their hotel, room details, price etc. The vendor does not need backend access, instead, they configure everything from the front end.

Wrapping Up 

This is an all-in-one WordPress hotel booking plugin. It has all the necessary features a hotel booking system should have. To be honest, there are many other WordPress hotel booking plugins, but WooCommerce Hotel Booking Manager is the most complete one.

Its user interface is responsive and easy to understand. Your customers will have no problems using this system. However, if you face any technical problems feel free to contact the support team.