Important Functions a WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin Should Have

Important Functions a WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin Should Have

Almost 60% of the hotel business owner uses the WordPress Platform for building their website. Naturally, they want to integrate a system at their website so that anyone can book their hotel room virtually.

The easiest way to extend the functionality of a WordPress website is by installing a plugin. There are lots of WordPress hotel booking plugins available at the WordPress directory. You can easily install a hotel booking plugin to create a hotel booking system.

Among many hotel booking plugins its hard to find one, that has all the necessary functionality. So, in this article, I am going to explain some important function that you should consider before you choose to install a specific hotel booking plugins.

Advantage of Installing Hotel booking plugins

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There are many benefits of installing a WordPress hotel booking plugin. Some of the important advantages are listed below: –

  • No development cost: developing a hotel booking from the system from scratch can cost you thousands of dollars. By installing hotel booking plugins you can easily get rid of development cost.
  • Easy to install and configure: Installing any WordPress plugins takes just a few minutes. You can easily configure the plugin if you face any problems you can directly communicate with the support team.
  • Highly Secure: The WordPress authority checks each plugin deeply before they make it available at their WordPress directory. So, don’t worry about any security issues.
  • Increase revenue: The hotel booking plugin stores data based on booking, listing, rents, etc. By analyzing the data, you can find important information, which may help you to increase the efficiency or upgrade the business plan to generate more revenue.
  • Cut Your Workload: Through an online hotel booking system, a business administrator manages the system without problems as it does not deal with manual action. Workloads are divided into several administrators here.

Must-Have Functionality & Features of WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin

Important Functions a WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin Should Have 9

These are some of the main functionality a hotel booking plugins must have –

  • Room management system: hotel booking plugins must have a room management system. So that the backend user can easily manage their hotel rooms. Such as room availability, room size, room quality, etc.

  • Booking management: through booking management system admin can easily allow and cancel user requests for booking a room.

  • Price plans management: by using a price management system you can easily set the price of different room categories.

  • Coupon management: a hotel booking plugin must have coupon management functionality. The coupon management system will help you to offer your customers to book a hotel room at a discount price using a coupon code.

  • Must-Have Payment Getaway: this is one of the most important functionalities a hotel booking plugin should have. This functionality is for the front end users. So, if someone books a hotel, they can make payment using a secure payment getaway.

  • Must-Have PDF Ticket Mailing function: if anyone books a hotel room, they should get a confirmation mail with PDF tickets with detail information.

  • Daily Report: the hotel booking plugin must-have a function of generating daily, weekly or monthly reports (this functionality is for backend user).

  • Room Check: Both back and front-end users should check the availability of hotel rooms.

  • Attendee Check: this functionality is for backend users. Using this function admin can easily check – who booked the hotel.

  • Translation: using translation functionality anyone can easily translate the event page into their preferred language.

My Suggestion

After doing many research on different WordPress hotel booking plugin I found one plugin that has all the necessary features and functionality. The plugin is none other than the WooCommerce Hotel booking Manager

This plugin supports all WordPress versions.  This free version of this plugin is available at the WordPress directory.  However, to use the pro version you must download it from the official website.


So, before you install a booking plugin you must consider the above functionality. Without the above functionality, you cannot manage a hotel booking system efficiently. I would suggest you to try the WooCommerce Hotel Booking Manager”. First try the basic free version, if you find it worthy you can go for the pro version. Know more about wordpress plugin.