Best event booking plugin wordpres for ticket selling business

Best event booking plugin wordpres for ticket selling business

Are you suffering from getting an event management system in WordPress? Then you need an Event Manager Pro Plugin that will make your task enjoyable. You need to generate tickets? Then this plugin will do the task for you. You can generate tickets here, sell them, then take the sales report, export pdf and even validate tickets with QR codes! Aren’t all these features awesome? Yes, they are. We will discuss this plugin today to make the day.

When do you need an event manager? When you have a ticket-selling business you can do it better. In museums, perks and concerts you will need this system to sell the tickets to the visitors. So, you need an automated system to do the task. It is an awesome addition to the WordPress system to make your events enjoyable and you can sell the tickets with less hassle. Now we will discuss the overall function and features with you below.

What are the best features:

This is an advanced plugin developed by the makers, who have given their best efforts to develop it. They have made it with their intelligent mind, as you can manage your ticketing business with the other people who need it. We will tell you more details about all these functions and features.


This is Event Manager Pro, it generates serial PDF tickets, which you can print from your messenger, from email and can get a hard copy too from the counter. The most amazing thing is that we need the tickets from somewhere else or online, we can do that from a website. We will get the tickets from email and print them. The system will do the attendee management and will give you an exported report.


You will be able to do the recurring event addon that will do the date selection and other time slot issues. You can just visit the website and then get the expected date to be locked, with expected time and then generate the ticket. You can do it by yourself, as this is an automated system, there is no need to take assistance from others. You will get formatted reports. Even in some cases, visitors need to talk with the sales agent, it is not necessary at all. You can set the time duration system also in the package here.


There are other features to check the tickets, as you can check the tickets by yourself on hard copy. You will get a QR code to scan and get the expected information. This is really superb as the admin can check the ticket on the front door and validate the data. So, this add-on is quite exciting to get the real data from the ticket too. They have compiled the data in the ticket.

You can do the daily ticket selling with this one, then the buyer is able to select the date and time when he wants to visit. This is automated. So, you can select the time and then go for direct ticket printing. This will give you a ready made ticket that you can print directly or can send to your email. This is fully an automated system that you can generate for your own tasks.


So, what are the final features of it? It has a time slot selection and dispatch ticket, and the most amazing thing is that  it stores data for the admin. If you are the admin, you can see the total sales data, how to check them and export information. You can directly sell pdf tickets and email them to your own email account for preservation. Finally you can validate the tickets with QR code. That is really an awesome system.

Why will you use this?

We have to understand how it works and can help us. We need to set time by ourselves and then issue a ticket. Isn’t the system so old? So, this plugin brought so many features in this one so we can use it smoothly. It can give us a selected date and time when we want to visit the museum, perk or the concert. Then it will give us an auto generated ticket that will not conflict or have any discrepancies with others. The amazing thing is you can just print the pdf ticket, or you can email it to yourself.


On the other hand, there are more features that makes the plugin workable too. Your system will give you admin access to the system where you can get an overall report where you can see how many tickets are sold. For which time how many tickets and even you can export reports. There are other issues, you can generate reports and after sales while accessing you can validate the tickets with QR code checker. So, this business is fully realistic and easy for you.

How will it help your business?

Just think you have a visiting place business like a museum, perk or a concert where people are interested to visit. So, you need to manage them. This system will automate your business, they will select the time and date to visit, then it will generate a ticket. So the system is fully ready to function with the task and generate tickets to the clients. Clients can print the pdf tickets and send directly to the email. So, it is improving and developing your business.

From the admin end, you can generate the report of how much sales there. Then we can also check the tickets too. We can verify the QR codes and then also make the thing better to run the business. Generating reports is a good improvement from this plugin.

Final Summary

In this article we have talked about the Event Manager Pro Plugin that will make the ticket selling business a good return. We are able to run the business without being present on the place and it will do the task automatically. It is made for improving the full business where we do not need to be present. Its automated system makes the sales task easy and gives us a day end report. We can generate more money with less effort with this type of project. The support desk is also a good addition, who will manage things for you soon.