Enhances Events and Tour Booking Efficiency With Seat Plan Addon

Imagine a system so smooth that your guests can choose their perfect spot effortlessly. That’s where the Seat Plan Addon comes in. It’s like having a personal assistant for your tour and event booking business.


If you’re running tour events, you are surely relying on online booking systems to streamline your operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


What it does is ensure everyone gets their preferred seat hassle-free. Whether it’s front-row seats at a concert or the best view on a tour, this add-on has you covered.


In this post, we’ll explore the Seat Plan Addon, which seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce Event Manager and Tour Booking Manager plugins.


So, let’s dive in and see how this add-on can simplify your life, enhance event & tour management, boosting efficiency and customer happiness.

In this table, we’ll quickly compare the Seat Plan Addon with traditional methods for managing event and tour seating arrangements.

Seat Plan Addon
Traditional Methods
Seat Selection
Customers choose seats online through a user-friendly interface.
Attendees choose seats at the venue (first-come, first-served) or through manual reservation requests.
Seat Availability
Real-time availability is displayed, preventing double bookings.
Risk of overbooking or confusion about available seats.
Seat Plan Management
Flexible creation of custom seat plans with different layouts and pricing.
Limited options; may require manual diagrams or spreadsheets.
Pricing Control
Assign different prices based on seat type or location (e.g., VIP).
Uniform pricing for all seats or limited tiered options.
Easy setup through the existing WooCommerce plugin interface - no coding required.
Manual setup; may require creating physical diagrams or using spreadsheets.
Management Tools
Visual seat plan provides a clear overview of availability and bookings.
Limited visual representation; managing bookings might be cumbersome.
Customize the seat plan's appearance (colours, seat size) to match branding.
Limited or no customization options for a professional look.
Customer Experience
A User-friendly interface with real-time availability improves the booking experience.
Customers may encounter confusion or frustration with limited visibility into seating.

Overall, the Seat Plan Addon offers a significant advantage by automating and streamlining seat management, leading to increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

Uncover What Seat Plan Addon Offer

The Seat Plan Addon is designed for managing these two plugins: WooCommerce Event Manager and Tour Booking Manager.


With the Seat Plan Addon, you can sell the tickets for your event or tour booking business with a comprehensive seat plan, which will add more value and convenience to your clients.


So, how does the Seat Plan addon work in the backend? What are the features that you’ll get from this WordPress add-on? Let’s discuss them!


Convenient Seat Selection
Choosing seats is a breeze with our intuitive interface, making it simple for customers to pick their favourite spots hassle-free. Here’s how it works:

Enhances Events and Tour Booking Efficiency With Seat Plan Addon 9

User-friendly interface:

Its clear and intuitive interface lets customers easily select their preferred seats during booking, reducing confusion and streamlining the process.


Real-time availability:

Seat Plan addon displays live seat availability, so customers can see which seats are open and avoid any booking conflicts. It’s transparent and convenient, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone.

Backend Seat Plan Configuration

Thanks to WordPress’s drag-and-drop feature, configuring the backend tool for seat mapping is a breeze.

Enhances Events and Tour Booking Efficiency With Seat Plan Addon 10

Design seat plans, set prices for ticket types, and tweak other settings to match your event needs. This simple setup saves time and enhances the user experience.


Flexible Seat Mapping:

Easily create custom seat plans with various layouts, including rows, columns, and different seat types like VIP or standard. This allows you to accurately represent your venue or tour seating arrangements.


Seat Pricing Control:

Assign different prices to different seat types, allowing for tiered pricing based on location or desirability to maximize your revenue potential.


Detailed Seat Descriptions:

Optionally, add descriptions to specific seats, providing extra details like aisle access or limited views. This transparency helps customers make informed decisions.

User-Friendly Experience

The Seat Plan Addon prioritizes a smooth user experience for both event organizers and attendees.


Simple setup:

No coding knowledge is required. Businesses can easily set up and configure seat plans within the existing Event Manager or Tour Booking Manager interface.


Visual representation:

A visual seat plan provides a clear overview of available and booked seats, simplifying management for businesses.


Customization options: Customize the appearance of the seat plan to match your brand or event theme. This enhances the visual appeal and user experience.

Date Time Configuration

The Seat Plan Addon for Tour Booking Manager offers an additional feature specifically designed for tours:

Enhances Events and Tour Booking Efficiency With Seat Plan Addon 11

Flexible Event Scheduling:

The add-on offers advanced options for configuring event dates, times, and even off-days. This flexibility empowers organizers to customize event schedules, manage recurring events, and keep all stakeholders informed, thereby improving event management efficiency.


Tailored Tour Features: Specifically designed for tours, the Seat Plan Addon for Tour Booking Manager introduces an additional feature set to enhance tour management capabilities, providing organizers with tools tailored to the unique needs of tour operations.


Date and Time Selection: Customers can now pick their desired tour dates and times while selecting their seats. This feature is particularly useful for tours with multiple departure dates or times.

Seat Plan Style Configuration

Seat Plan add-ons offer customisation options for the seat plan’s visual appearance by changing colour and background images. Here’s how:

Enhances Events and Tour Booking Efficiency With Seat Plan Addon 12

Customize Appearance:

With style settings, event organizers can tailor the look of their seat plans. They can upload custom images and tweak colour schemes to match their event themes perfectly.


Visual Customization Options:

It provides customization features for the seat plan’s visual appearance. Users can select colour schemes for available, booked, and unavailable seats, enhancing visual clarity. Plus, they can adjust the seat size for optimal visualization.

Streamline Events and Tours With a Seat Plan Addon

Stop managing seating chaos! Enhance your event booking system with the Seat Plan Addon and unlock a world of efficiency and happy customers.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Effortless seat selection: Customers choose their perfect seats during booking, reducing confusion and errors.
  • Say goodbye to overbooking: Real-time availability ensures a smooth booking flow and eliminates double bookings.
  • Boost revenue: Assign strategic prices for different seat types, maximizing your earning potential.
  • Effortless management: Visually manage seat plans, bookings, and pricing – all within your WooCommerce interface.
  • Impress your customers: Offer a user-friendly booking experience that builds trust and satisfaction.

Ready to take your event and tour booking to the next level? Get Seat Plan Addon now and experience the difference!


Providing a smooth booking process is key for event organizers and tour operators. That’s where the Seat Plan Addon comes in.


It offers an easy-to-use interface for seat selection, real-time availability, and customizable seat plans, making your backend operations smoother and your customers happier.


Whether you’re organizing events with complex seating or dynamic tour schedules, this addon simplifies seat management and increases booking success.


Don’t hesitate – improve efficiency and customer satisfaction now. Integrate the Seat Plan Addon with your WooCommerce system today and see your bookings skyrocket.