best WordPress event management plugin

How to choose best WordPress event management plugin in 2024

Do you use WordPress and want to make it easier to manage events?


If you already have a WordPress site and want to advertise events on it, you should install an Event Management Plugin instead of one that is still being worked on.

This market has a lot of WordPress event management plugins, but which one is the best? Today, we’re going to learn how to choose the best WordPress event management plugins on the market that are suitable for your site.


Learn about the WordPress Event Manager plugin that will make it easier than ever to plan and promote your events. With the right plugin, you can save time, work more efficiently, and give guests a smooth experience.

What to look for in Event Manager Plugin?

By installing an event manager plugin, you can announce an upcoming event or sell tickets for a particular event from your website. Mainly, this plugin will enable you to host all kinds of necessary information for an event. Here are a few important things you should look for in an Event Manager Plugin to make sure you get the right one for your needs:

Creating and managing events: 

The plugin should make it easy to make and handle events, including setting dates, times, locations, and other information. Look for things like event lists that you can change, events that happen over and over, and the ability to put events into groups.

Ticketing and Registration: 


Make sure the plugin lets people buy tickets and sign up for events by checking that it has ticketing and registration features. It is important to have features like creating tickets, managing RSVPs, and connecting to payment systems.


Check to see if the plugin works with other services and tools you use, like email marketing platforms, payment processors, and tracking tools. Integration that works without any problems can speed up your work and make managing events easier.

User-Friendly Interface:

Look for a plugin that has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to move around the desktop. It should be easy to add events, manage registrations, and change the details of event ads.


Make sure that the plugin lets you change the colors of event listings, calendars, and registration forms so that they fit your brand. Customization choices are necessary to make an event experience that is both unique and branded.

Promote Events

Leverage the plugin’s integration with social media platforms to promote your events and engage with potential attendees.


Think about how the plugin is priced and compare the features you need to the price. Free plugins might not have all the features that paid ones do, but paid versions usually have more features and better customer service.

Customer Service: 

It’s important to be able to get quick and helpful customer service, especially when you’re having technology problems. Make sure the plugin comes with good documentation and help in case you need it.

What Are the Most Common Issues Faced When Using a WordPress Event Management Plugin

If you are using a WordPress plugin for event management, you may encounter the following issues:

Compatibility problem: 

When you use multiple plugins or themes with WordPress, some poorly coded plugins or themes may cause compatibility issues that affect the appearance or functioning of your site.

Site performance: 

User experience and SEO can take a hit if you don’t set up your plugin properly, which can hamper website speed.

Customization Issues: 

When you try to personalize event listings, registration forms, and other elements to match your style or brand, some plugins may offer limitations for customizing further.

Technical Support: 

It feels frustrating when your customer support is slow or insufficient to solve problems or needs help installing or debugging your plugins.

Update Issues:

If your event plugin is not updating with the regulations of the latest WordPress features, your plugins regularly put your website at risk from security flaws.

Not User Friendly Interface:

If your event plugin interface is complicated and easy to use, you could have trouble creating events, handling registrations, and finding your way around the dashboard.

Less features in the free version

While most WordPress event plugins lack advanced features like ticketing, payment gateways, or connections, customers may need to upgrade to a paid plugin version.

Poor Documentation

If your plugin documentation is not clear, you may struggle to understand how to use all of the plugin’s features. To make your event management experience better and free from frequent mistakes, it is recommended to use a dependable and well-supported plugin, check its compliance with your website configuration, and seek help when needed.

Functionality of our WooCommerce Event Manager Plugin

event manager plugin 

It’s really hard to find an event manager plugin that comes with all the features. Keeping this in mind, we developed “WooCommerce Event Ticket Manager Plugin” that comes with advanced features. Currently, there is no other event plugin that offers such features. 

The features are listed below: –

  • You can create unlimited events.
  • The option of adding an event description & featured image.
  • Event calendar to display any event dates.
  • Synchronize Google Maps to display event locations.
  • Add unlimited ticket types and prices.
  • Add extra facilities to the event and extra facility prices.
  • Ticket download option for the attendee.
  • Automatically email tickets to the attendees when they get registered.
  • Backend users can view all the attendee lists and can also export the attendee list.
  • Functionality for letting attendees purchase tickets.
  • Support all payment getaways via WooCommerce.

If you want to know how it works, check how to use WooCommerce for Event registration.

Final Thoughts

There are many WordPress event management plugins in the market, but choosing the best WordPress event management plugin is important. Currently “WooCommerce Event Manager” is the best plugin for event management. This plugin has all the necessary features that an event management plugin should have.