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Bus Ticket Reservation System | Bus Management Plugin


An online bus booking system can help you to manage your passenger and your bus booking business efficiently. You can easily increase your business revenue by using an online bus ticket reservation system software/plugin. You can easily create an online bus booking system using our WordPress plugin.

Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation– is a WordPress bus booking plugin for creating an online bus ticket reservation system. By installing this plugin any WordPress website you can easily create an online bus booking/reservation system.

View a Demo of the bus booking system created using the “Bus Ticket Booking WIth Seat Reservation” WordPress plugin.

Bus Booking Plugin- Key Features 

Bus Management:

Our bus ticket reservation system Plugin can create any type of bus seat layout automatically. You can also manage routes and create a bus zone.

Road Management:

The route management section of the plugin can manage your fleet routes. The unit creates roads and attaches your bus fleet in different ways with their boarding and dropping points.

Business intelligence:

The Business Intelligence dashboard gives you real-time business insight. Such as the total number of ticket sales, total revenue etc.

Seat management:

Seat dynamics in the system automatically create seat layouts based on the bus capacity. You can select rows and the tool will create the layout.

Route management:

This system aids in facilitating bus route schedules with features like start and end destinations and also provides an up and down point in each lane.

Reservations management:

Customers can book packages from the web-based front end or the administration panel with the software.

Bus Zone:

Using this bus booking plugin you can also create multiple bus zones and add buses that belong to its zone. The bus zone features help making bus management much easier.

Instant PDF ticket:

The system will create an electronic PDF ticket automatically after each reservation. The electronic ticket contains passenger information, payment details, seat number, order id etc. The ticket will be automatically sent to the user’s email address after a successful reservation.

Other Necessary Features 

  • Export Attendee List: The system admin can export all the registered attendee lists in CSV format.
  • Images: add unlimited gallery images of buses.
  • Google Map: show bus departure points using Google map
  • Price Management: you can easily manage the bus ticket price and create different types of ticket categories.
  • Custom Registration Form: using a custom registration form you can easily collect necessary information about passengers like- email, name, gender, etc.
  • Templates: Comes with multiple bus templates.
  • Email notification.
  • Responsive.
  • Highly customizable/developer-friendly.

There are also many add-ons available for this plugin. Use add-ons to add new features and functionality. The add-ons list is:

Coupon code Addon:

Bus reservation service comes with options to create promotional codes and coupon codes to offer discounts to travelers.


Backend order Addon:

Admin can book bus tickets from the plugin dashboard for any customer.


QR-Code Addon:

print QR-code on pdf tickets. The code can be scanned to check-in attendees.


Web Interface

This bus booking plugin has a user-focused user interface design to enhance customers with the perfect reservation experience. You can search for available buses, choose the destination, select available seats, and make payments to book bus seats. The web interface can be combined with different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Ali-pay, Amazon pay etc.



Mage People’s business philosophy is to give their customers value-added products and services and partnering with them in their growth and success story. We believe in long-term business relationships and most of our business comes from clients who have been with us for years. The free version of the bus booking plugin is available at WordPress plugin store.