best Woocommerce partial payment and deposits plugin features and benefits

4 Best WooCommerce Partial Payment and Deposits Plugins with Features and Benefits

Do you want to know which WooCommerce Partial Payment and Deposits plugin is best?


There are so many partial payment and deposit plugins in the WordPress directory. Choosing the right plugin depends on the features that meet your requirements.


If your customer gets the flexibility to pay in installments, make partial payments, or secure their orders with deposits, it will help them easily buy your service or products.


It can be an effective strategy for increasing sales, particularly for higher-priced items, by making purchases more accessible to a wide range of customers.


This detailed guide will examine the free Woocommerce Partial Payment and Deposits Plugins that let you make payment plans, increase sales, and improve the shopping experience. 


You will learn each plugin’s features and benefits to choose the right plugin.


Let’s find out.

Plugin Name

WordPress Average rating

Active Installation

Update Status






Frequently updates

Dedicated support

Affordable plan

Acowebs Partial Payment



Updates frequently

Good support

Little bit pricey




Less frequent

Minimal Support 

Very expensive




Very low updates

Less support

Charges commission on transactions

WpDepositly Banner

Deposit & Partial Payments for WooCommerce, or WpDepositly, is a great plugin for activating partial payment or installment functions in your WordPress online store. With just a few clicks, this WooCommerce partial payment plugin will make adding a partial payment method easy.


Customers can pay a fixed price or a percentage upfront using its functionality. You can also force a deposit. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce Bookings and lets you collect deposits on bookings and other products.


This ensures a baseline commitment by setting a minimum amount. Customers can pay to secure their bookings. Additionally, you can enable customers to pay any amount directly on the checkout page by streamlining your booking confirmation. 


Not only that, you can also set up a custom payment plan for a specific customer base. WpDepositly has both free and paid versions. Its advanced features will surely make your online store a bliss.


WpDepositly Key features


  • You can accept or force deposits on products in your store
  • Support any payment method supported by WooCommerce
  • Enable Checkout mode to see partial payment details only on the checkout page
  • Automatic email reminders to pay the remaining amount after a specific number of days
  • Select deposit type: Fixed value or percentage.
  • Customers can pay the remaining amount later by logging in.
  • You can disable or enable deposits with a single click.
  • Disable specific payment gateways when there’s a deposit in the cart.
  • Display custom messages when the deposit option is chosen.
  • Add new deposits from the order editor in the admin back-end.
  • You can check the deposit report in the WooCommerce reports panel.
  • Customize your frontend from the settings
  • Supports multilingual with the WPML plugin.
  • Contains POD file for Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish language

Price of WpDepositly

The premium version of WpDepositly costs $29 for a single year and $69 for a lifetime.


Benefits of WpDepositly

  • Increased sales
  • reduce abandoned carts
  • Flexible payment options
  • Supports all WooCommerce payment methods
  • Customizable deposit settings
  • Multilingual translation support
Acowebs partial plugin

Acowebs offers a flexible deposits & partial payment plugin that uses WooCommerce to add this feature. The plugin allows customers to pay in full, in parts, or a deposit. You can also let them pay a set amount or a portion of the total price upfront. 


Acowebs Partial payment plugin is very easy to use. With a single click, you can add and remove deposits or partial payments. This plugin also allows you to control the payment system. For example, you can remove the deposit facility for unauthenticated customers. You can also disable certain payment gateways for deposit orders.


Your customers will tend to purchase more if partial & deposit payments are easily managed on your WordPress site.


Acowebs offers both free and paid options for Partial payment & deposits for WooCommerce.


Key Features of Acowebs Partial Payment Plugin

  • You can allow split payments across the whole store
  • Control over deposits and partial payments is open to users who are not logged in
  • Fixed amounts or percentages can be used for partial payments
  • With the settings, you can allow partial payments at the product level
  • It is a fully translatable plugin
  • It sends buyers emails to remind them of payments that are due
  • When deposits or payments are made, both the manager and the client get emails
  • You can enable payment plans for specific users

Price of Acowebs Partial & Deposits payment 

The premium version of Acowebs Partial & Deposits payment costs $43 for a single year and $99 for a lifetime.


Benefits of Acowebs Partial Payment

  • Offers Category-Based Deposits 
  • User Role-Based Deposits
  • Comes with sortable Deposit Reports
Bayna plugin

Codeixer’s Bayna allows businesses to offer flexible payment options, attracting a wide range of customers.


People who want to buy things but don’t have enough money can feel better with this plugin. This takes away the chance that people won’t be able to buy your products.


You can do business with your customers more easily when you install Bayna. Customers can pick the payment method that works best for them with this app. Accepts all payment methods and can also be used to make payments offline. You can also stop customers from making deposits if they have certain things in their carts.


Ultimately, it helps lower the number of people who leave their items in the cart, raise your conversion rate, and increase your total sales.


Bayna comes with a free and paid version with some nifty features.


Key Features of Bayna

  • Let people make deposits, but you can also limit them if you want to
  • You can choose between set deposit amounts or percentage amounts
  • This add-on works with all WooCommerce payment methods and also lets you pay without using WooCommerce
  • You can set up an email to remind you to pay.
  • You can handle shipping, fees, taxes, and coupons with a deposit
  • Set email designs for deposit orders
  • You can disallow the shipping fee in the deposit payment.
  • People can choose to pay some or full of the price for their items
  • You can change your mind about the order of the pending payments after a few days. The days can also be changed to fit your needs
  • The administrator gets a report on sortable payments from Bayna
  • You can change the look of the radio box

Price of Bayna 

The premium version of Bayna costs $69 for a single year and $179 for a lifetime.


Benefits of Bayna

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customizable deposit settings
  • Support all WooCommerce payment methods
woo plugin

You can find Woo as a partial payment service-based plugin on our list. You can add’s flexible payment plan features right into the WooCommerce checkout process. This plugin lets WooCommerce store owners let customers pay for items over time, which can help boost sales and make customers happier.

Set up payment plans with a down payment, regular payments, and flexible terms to help customers buy big items at a time that works for them.

It’s very simple to use Woo Just install it and get started quickly. You can turn on the test mode, change the title and description of the payment plan, and change the WooCommerce order state for orders with this plugin.

With’s advanced scripting subscription, you can make more complex changes. For example, you can set minimum purchase requirements.

Woo comes with both free and paid features.

Woo Key Features 

  • It works perfectly with the regular WooCommerce checkout process and keeps features like coupon codes, tax settings, and shipping cost estimates.
  • Being able to offer a payment plan as a way to pay at checkout
  • You can choose to add a widget to product pages that show customers their payment plan price options.
  • WooCommerce orders are made automatically when a customer sets up a payment plan.
  • A clear price of 5% plus 30¢ per transaction, which covers all credit card and merchant fees.
  • Payment processing is done automatically, but users can still pay early if they want to.

Woo is a free plugin and you can sign up for its service for free, you are only charged when a transaction occurs.

Benefits of Woo

  • Flexible payment options
  • Reduce abandoned carts
  • Available in over 30 countries around the world
  • Convenient merchant portal
  • Seamless WooCommerce integration

Do you want to use the Partial Payment plugin? Find out how to integrate partial payment in your WordPress site.

Which Partial Plugin is suitable for you?

From the list above, you now know which 4 WooCommerce deposit apps are the best. But there is still one thing that people don’t understand: which plugin to pick. All of the plugins on this list can be used to add a method for accepting partial payments.


WpDepositly plugins seem to offer a good balance of features and affordability for most WooCommerce stores. The free features have some pro options compared to other plugins. Acowebs, on the other hand, is also a reputable plugin developer but their pricing may be higher with minimum features in their free options and the price is high compared to WpDepositly. Bayna has some great features but they are extremely expensive and don’t offer the features like WpDepositly and Acowebs.


Lastly, Woo is an addon of service which needs additional sign-up from their website to use their services. Although the plugin is free, it will be charged based on each transaction. 

If you use WpDepositly, it won’t slow down your website at all because it’s a lightly coded app. Because of this, WpDepositly is suitable for you.