Mage Carousel

///Mage Carousel

Mage Carousel is an awesome jQuery Carousel based on OWL Carousel.


  • Shortcode Powered
  • Very Lightweight
  • Responsive Carousel
  • Based on OWL Carousel
  • Work with every theme
  • Unlimited Carousel
  • Open Source
  • Developer Friendly


use shortcode [mage-carousel] anywhere in your website to display carousel.


id: if you want to use multiple carousel in same page you need to assign per carousel by an unique id. [mage-carousel id=’Your Unique ID’] by Default its value is none.

cat: If you want to show the carousel item from a particular category you need to use this parameter. [mage-carousel cat=’Category Slug Here’]. By default value is none so all carousel item will be show.

row: This parameter is for carousel image showing, how many image you want to show in the carousel just put the value as the item [mage-carousel row=’3′]. By default the value is 1

item: You can set the limit of total image. If you want to last 5 post in carousel put the value 5. By default all post are showing [mage-carousel item=’5′].

loop: Infinity loop. Duplicate last and first items to get loop illusion [mage-carousel loop=’true’]. By default is: true

autoplay: Set auto play value [mage-carousel autoplay=’true’]. by default autoplay is : true

dots: Show the dot point pagination [mage-carousel dots=’true’]. By default is : true

nav: If you want to show previous and next button in carousel use this parameter [mage-carousel nav=’nav’]. By default is: false

speed: You can set the carousel speed by this parameter [mage-carousel speed=’3000′]. By default speed is: 3000


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