Bottle Deposit / Deposit fees / Pfand extension for Magento

The “Bottle Deposit / Deposit fees / Pfand extension for Magento” allows you to set an amount of refundable deposit any product.

Bottle Deposit / Deposit fees / Pfand extension for Magento is the most powerful and feature rich extension for assigning additional charges ( like German Pfand, extra product deposit etc.) by this extension someone can add any kind of extra product fees, as deposit, it can be applied country wise. or for all country.

Are you selling drinks or batteries in your online store and looking for a solution on how to manage the pledge of these products? Then this extension is just right for you.


  • Creating deposite products as child product as product attribute
  • setting custom price for every pfand product easily as attribute.
  • The deposit attribute is automatically added to the shopping cart and issued
  • Deposit products are automatically added to the cart
  • Deposit products can not be removed individually from the shopping cart
  • Deposit products are automatically removed when the main product is removed
  • As Deposit products is setting as a real child product so admin can setup tax for Deposited product

Our extension allows you to attach a deposit in the form of a simple attribute, which will be added to the checkout, or attached to a special deposit product. An attribute should e.g. to be used in the case of a bottle deposit and a deposit product for a specific deposit, where a separate name is maintained. But what you choose is up to you.

Frontend Demo

Frontend Demo
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