Ever wondered how great custom designed T-shirts, caps, mug etc are produced in exact precision to the design imagined by the owner? Here we have an extension to aid you into designing your own products. It’s simple and easy to use. The freedom to design your own products coupled with easy to use software will make your product reach greater heights.

We pride ourselves for having the best custom designer tool in the market and with the lowest price. Cutting edge technology like HTML 5, CSS3, JS has been used in this extension to create the user experience. The ease of adding your own image, font, text and artwork has been given which makes our product really unique.

Another great thing about our product is we don’t have any monthly fees. Compared to other products In the market this is a great advantage for the users. Just imagine, affordable price with no monthly subscription fee- isn’t it the best extension ever?

Our extension is open sourced. So you can easily edit the code to fit your specification. So, it gives you great flexibility. The customizability and the freedom from being locked in the vision of the vendor is unique to our product.